Love in a Sandstorm (Pine Harbour Book 6) by Zoe York

First of all, I have to make perfectly clear that I love the Pine Harbour series and Zoe York as an author. I have read each book and it seems that they are getting better and better.
This one is special though… Sean Foster is the youngest Foster brother and is a professional runner and a military man. He met Jenna, a midwife, in Urfa, Turkey at a refugee camp and they spend a 2 week holiday together that develops in a wedding.

After that Sean is severely injured at the war and Jenna comes back to Pine Harbour to help him in his recovery.

I know this seems an easy breezy story, but in reality it is one love story that I will ever forget. Sean and Jenna’s love has depth, sorrow and the book is full of wonderful scenes that make it unforgettable.

It is honest in Sean’s disabilities and in Jenna strength in helping him to overcome so many obstacles.

Pine Harbour is a special series but this book is the epitome and will be remembered.



Sean Foster came back from war broken from the inside out. And he doesn’t care about being fixed. Not even by a woman who followed him halfway around the world due to some misguided loyalty.

Jenna Kowalczyk had two weeks with a man who stole her heart. They promised each other forever, but one brutal explosion proved that promise to be paper-thin.
She should leave him in the past. That’s what he wants her to do. But from the second she shows up in Pine Harbour, she knows she’s staying–no matter how much heartache is in store for her.


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