One Last Chance (Oak Grove Series #3) by Nancy Stopper

I discovered Nancy Stopper by chance when I received an ARC a while ago. I am enjoying the Oak Grove series so much. The Bennett family is all we hope in a book, they are a sweet family, even though they are not perfect (who is perfect anyway?!).

Rachel Bennett is living in an abusive relationship and has been beaten not only in her body, but her soul. Once so close to her brothers and Sawyer (her brother’s best friend), she has been away and withdrawn due to her abusive boyfriend.

Sawyer is a good guy, a veteran and now a police officer. He has always had a thing for Rachel, but she is the sister of his best friend and their timing was never right.

Through out this book we can read and feel Rachel’s maturing despite of her problems and trying to heal. Sawyer is a great part of this healing and amazingly her strength becomes his as well.

Nancy Stopper is a wonderful writer who creates real characters with deep feelings.

This book is wonderful and you will love it!



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