Eight (Love by Numbers, #6) by E.S. Carter



The Love by Numbers series is one emotional ride. The books are always about love, family and that witty humor that only the British have.

Eight is a story of grieve, a husband has lost his wife in labor of their second child and how he copes with not only the sorrow of losing the love of his life but how to keep going for his kids. The family helps, the kids helps but ultimately he is the force that will keep his family together, but does not have the strength to going on.

This book is beautiful written and the fact that Josh meets a woman as broken as he is just confirms that life is messy, but we can find peace sometimes. There is hope, there is love…

I don’t have to say that #ilovebroccoli and only the ones who truly love this couple will only have green things in their future. The green represents humor, hope and laughter and should be celebrated in this book.

This is a standalone but if I were you I would read them all! They are that good!34910096



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